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Republican educational center

Abay Avenue-68/74; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-708-968-79-11
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Republican educational center

Republican educational center

Aiplus Republican educational is an aid in learning school material. We prepare students: for admission to intellectual, state and international schools, for successful passing of the UNT and exams, General and diverse development.

Our vast experience in education contributes to the development and improvement of the educational program for preparing for prestigious educational institutions, passing exams and developing new skills. The center has a large amount of training material, a huge book Fund, and qualified managers and employees. We develop our teaching method, revitalize and improve the preparation process, which is aimed at maximum assimilation and concentration before the exam. Our center fully meets all standards and is approved by the National education system. The teaching staff consists of qualified specialists with invaluable training experience. We always monitor the market, and every year we make adjustments to the training process and our annual experience so that it remains relevant and in demand. Groups consist of eight children, to give individual approach to learning and engage in a narrow-profile program. This has increased the percentage of academic achievement, and most students go to the best institutions in the country. We have the largest flow of students, which guarantees the quality of our methods.

Our center conducts weekly checks and tests so that children can make sure of their academic performance and increase their motivation to learn. Final monthly tests are conducted so that students can move on to the next stage of training or transfer to the appropriate level. Of the presented methods, the most effective to attract to school - monetary system "Imaxi". This is the internal currency that is replenished for successful completion of homework, weekly test, and activity during training. With the received currency, students can exchange them for various prizes: textbooks, sweets, gift sets, electronic devices, and much more. This motivates children to study the material. We teach that learning new things is the only way. Our methods are getting skills: competitiveness, calmness before the exam, independence, striving for a dream.

We give reasonable prices on the market, and the opportunity to choose a package of services and get a discount. Training takes place in the morning and in the afternoon, consists of several stages and takes place in an interesting way. For several years now, we have been successfully competing with other training services on the market and are not going to stop. The center adds educational materials: well-known manuals, author's and international books, video materials and practical tasks. Our quality proves a unique system of motivation - "Imaxi". We have a creative and professional teaching staff.

We have everything you need to fully prepare for exams! Call now!

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