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RUAH educational center

Kemerovo street-19; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7 (727) 328-75-23; +7 (727) 367-02-03
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RUAH educational center -

RUAH educational center -

RUAH educational center is a loyal learning assistant who will help you in any difficult situation. We are engaged in full-fledged preparations for school, help to master the school curriculum, study English and Kazakh, and can arrange an unforgettable vacation in America. Our goal is to provide only the most necessary knowledge for training, and to show that a full-fledged education is necessary for everyone. We will work with your children and provide only high-quality materials. Our center has a large and unique program that is aimed at effective training. You will be able to learn a lot of information that will be useful in future studies. You will have an extensive database that opens up limitless possibilities for you. We train teenagers and children who have learning difficulties. Gaps in knowledge can spoil the attitude to further education, and thus lower academic performance. Our teachers will not allow difficulties to arise - we will make your training interesting and informative. You can count on our support. Our main goal is to teach children properly. We teach even adults – accelerated English courses for everyone. We also actively prepare for exams and certificates. You will be satisfied with your result!

Our center is actively engaged in online training. This is an affordable and fast way to get the information you need from the comfort of your home. Thanks to this lesson, you can increase the number of lessons and improve your academic performance. If you want to study a particular subject, our tutoring sessions will help you not to be distracted from the learning process and focus on deepening the material. To develop the horizons of our children, English language study groups have been created. This allows you to reveal the child's mental abilities, and introduce him to new opportunities. Learning a new language will allow you to develop speech and auditory skills that are so necessary in life. Along with this, you will be able to master the basic Foundation of the English language, which will serve in the future. The most active students can sign up for clubs where children can have fun and interesting time. They are so diverse that everyone will find a favorite hobby. We are happy that thanks to us, children want to develop and achieve any goals. After all, you can: easily pass school material, enter any intellectual school, become an excellent student. Give your child the best education, and they will thank you with excellent grades and high academic performance. Sign up for trial classes and get one step closer to your dream. Come and start learning school subjects with success!

RUAH center-thank you for choosing us. We know how to prepare any student and make them an excellent student. Your child's future is in our experienced hands!

Юрий Н. 27/03/2020

Рекомендую всем, кто хочет научится английскому языку!

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