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Star School of TV and Radio Presenters Kids.Fm

Kenesary Khan, 54/30; Nauryzbay district, Almaty city+7‒747‒297‒13‒13
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Полное описание Star School of TV and Radio Presenters Kids.Fm

Полное описание Star School of TV and Radio Presenters Kids.Fm

School of TV and Radio Presenters StarKids.Fm -your incredible opportunity to master the profession of your dreams. You will discover all the secrets and tricks of the presenters, learn how to behave correctly on camera and live, and most importantly-only children work with us! We offer services: training in working professions, radio and television schools, children's clubs, professional retraining. Our school is a great place for selected and talented children. We value every talent, especially: hardworking, creative, purposeful! We are open to everyone who wants to change the world for the better, to do what they love. Our trial courses will allow you to determine the direction that you will master!

We are online 24 hours a day, we conduct frequent live broadcasts. Also at your service is a TV channel, the presenters of which take a course of training, undergo internships on the air and conduct broadcasts. Our students have real active mentors with extensive experience. They also work for us, and teach us the right skills. Thanks to our students, you will be able to listen to current music, learn the latest news, enjoy talented presenters, see live songwriting, and become a participant in our live broadcast. For a couple of months of our classes, and you will be able to perform any job professionally. If you want to learn something new, or retrain - our comprehensive classes will allow you to realize your dreams. Take classes in groups, and gain professional experience from real masters of their craft. For your convenience, you have access to day-care centers for children. We will be very happy when you pass the preparatory courses and practice with us. Our school has a large number of equipment, each office is equipped for any work and there is always a place for full-fledged practice. Become part of a large community, promote your creative ideas, and learn from the best. We will fully support your plans, help you implement them and prepare you for future challenges. Various trainings and seminars will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and learn something new. You have access to the professions of the entire show business, from the host to the director. Why do we work with children? They are the most creative and versatile assistants who want to prove themselves in public. That's why our radio and television are so popular. Your success depends on your talents - develop your skills right now. We know how to work with children so that they enjoy their work!

School of Radio Presenters StarKids.Fm -an opportunity to prove yourself. Become a star and conquer the heights of the entire media community. Join the exciting work that reveals incredible emotions!

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