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SMAN training center

Kramskoy street-14; Turksib district, Almaty city+7‒778‒212‒16‒31; +7‒747‒249‒58‒68
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SMAN training center

SMAN training center

SMAN training center-training in popular areas in the field of accounting and computer technology. A chance to master a truly sought-after profession, and earn a huge salary for your experience. You will receive only the best knowledge and skills in our courses, and will be able to apply them in practice. Accounting services are in demand more than ever, especially specialists who know computer technologies and how to apply them. We teach according to an effective program that contains relevant and popular materials. Our courses consist of stages where your task is to master as much information as possible and show your results in practice. Our teaching staff, consisting of the best qualified specialists, provides an excellent Foundation in accounting. We work on the result, and therefore only achieve the best score. You will be trained in groups of six to provide individual training. Your talent will be appreciated and will progress up. We will help you in all your endeavors and make you professionals. This is your chance to get your dream job!

Our center allows you to choose the direction and intensity of training. We teach a basic Foundation, and gradually progress through the course, applying our skills in practice. If you want to take all at once, or a separate part of the course - we provide individual classes where you will fully immerse yourself in learning. We have a convenient and flexible schedule that will allow you to improve your training. For active students, we organize seminars and trainings with our partners. There you can learn a lot of new things and show your performance. For training in computer technology, we have a computer class where you can demonstrate the material and apply the skills you have learned. Accounting and computer are closely linked. After all, every year, there are new ways to make your work easier and more efficient. This requires basic knowledge of working with equipment, and to become a professional-you need to understand all the programs and accounting systems. Our course covers all popular programs and services for work, so that you remain in demand. We value your time, and therefore our method will allow you to learn the material faster and more effectively. We spend most of our time practicing. After all, practical experience, together with theoretical experience, is your opportunity to become a specialist in your field. Come to trial classes, test your skills and master your profession perfectly. We welcome everyone who really wants to get classes in their field.

Our center-teaches only important and really relevant knowledge to start your career ladder. Learn only from the best!

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