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Study-Do training center

21/8 Isinalieva street; Kazakhfilm, Bostandyk district, Alma
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Study-Do training center -

Study-Do training center -

The Study-Do training center offers a helping hand in learning English, Kazakh and Chinese. Our goal is to make children's education accessible and effective. After all, as practice shows, most school programs do not provide the necessary skills, and make it difficult to continue learning. But our center offers to rectify this situation, We facilitate your learning experience, we give only important and major knowledge, and teach the autonomy of each child. We are ready to change your perception of learning, return your interest and curiosity to new discoveries. Our qualified teachers, who have well-deserved awards in teaching, will help each child and find the best approach to learning. We understand that each student is unique and requires an individual approach. Therefore, we recruit groups of six people, and we study with each of them. Your training is in safe hands. After all, our program and training methods meet all standards, are relevant and effective. We have graduated more than 300 students who successfully speak several languages and can enroll in any prestigious school. Everything is in your hands, we will support you and give you a solid Foundation. Learning is the most important part of every child's life, so don't delay it. The earlier you start getting knowledge, the more you can learn and apply. Speak English in a month of classes!

Your opinion is important to us. If you want to change the program, add more material, or increase the time – we are ready to help you. The entire learning process is transparent, and you can see what your child is going through, and how it turns out. The results of each child are sent to their parents, where you will see in detail the progress and quality of knowledge. Thanks to our available online training, you will be able to change your schedule and conduct more classes. You can study from home, get assignments, and ask questions. To develop strategic and mental skills, we are engaged in training in the discipline of chess. This sport will interest every child and make them a real professional. Such classes train the brain every day, make you think a few steps ahead and calculate the enemy. Do what you love and enjoy the educational process. For children who have learning difficulties, we offer comprehensive training, where we will eliminate all the gaps. You will be able to learn more about the selected material, practice and return to training with new strength. We will help you in all your endeavors. Come to us and get unique learning skills, creativity, and a love of learning. Develop with us!

Study-Do training center-to teach children, this is our vocation. We do it right and improve the result for each child.

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