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Tamos Education center

Nauryzbay Batyr street-94; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 272‒69‒57; +7 (727) 272‒98‒98
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Tamos Education center -

Tamos Education center -

Tamos Education center is a great option for learning foreign languages and studying abroad. We offer you the best and most up-to-date course of study, where you can fully master the language skills. Learning foreign languages may be necessary in several cases: you want to go abroad and participate in an exchange program; work requires certain conditions and advanced training; you want to pass an international certificate and live in any country. All this you can realize if you strive to study. Our center will teach you the right approaches, skills and aspirations. This is the responsibility of our qualified teachers who have many years of experience and will be happy to share their knowledge. You will be very happy when after a few sessions you will realize that our methods make the learning process easier. Thanks to well-known foreign learning materials, you will become a real native speaker. We teach not only adults, but also children of all ages. Comprehensive classes will make it easier to learn information, and make your learning calmer. Often, school programs incorrectly present the material, and children can not remember the vocabulary correctly. But in our center, we will not only facilitate learning, but also make it more interesting to study.

For those who want to study at home, we offer online training. You will be able to allocate your time more correctly and study the material more effectively. If you have experienced problems or have not fully mastered the program, our Tutors will be able to solve this issue. Call us at home, or come to us - we will correct your result only for the better. Learning English for children is a great opportunity to develop a child's mental abilities before they go to school. Language proficiency at this age is a guaranteed success of future training. With this base, he will be able to pass the material above the level, and successfully assimilate. We work for quality and improve the result. Your level of proficiency will increase significantly in a few weeks. And if you continue studying at this pace , you will master a foreign language. We can translate any text, read the most popular foreign literature, and communicate with people from all over the world. For those who want to take the international exam, we offer a more intensive course. There you will be able to pass verification testing, and prepare for delivery to any educational institution. The program will include all relevant questions and topics so that you can successfully pass any test. We value your time, so our schedule is convenient and flexible. Choose any day, the number of classes, and go through the stages with us. You can find out all the details from our consultant. And on the website,you can get acquainted with online training.

Our center welcomes new students who really want to achieve results in their studies. Come and learn with us!

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