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15% the dealer does not get a passing score on UNT

15% the dealer does not get a passing score on UNT

Just this year passed the Unified national Test 98 thousand future students, however, get a passing score only 84 thousand graduates, which means 85% of the total number of dealer. Not scored 50 points to pass the test 14 thousand people, as reported from the National testing centre of MES RK in the press conference in the CCS.

'There was a total of 102 447 applications for the UNT, for unknown reasons, passed UNT only 98 700 people. State language exams passed more than 77 thousand people, or approximately 75% of all participants. In Russian language was handed over 25 thousand, and English 28' - said the Director of the National testing center.

The average score for Kazakhstan – 83. Last year it was lower by 2.5 points.

'This year we increased the number of grants for 20 thousand, of which 11 were for technical professions. Such specialized subjects as mathematics and physics gave 26.7% of people. They can enroll in 52 specialty of which can win 11 thousand grants. These statistics are more than acceptable. Meanwhile, math and science selected about 9% of all the dealer, which indicates the correct choice and the concept of state initiatives.' - he stressed.

He also noted that of all the parties was cancelled only 9 works. Last year there were 12.

'Innovation can be considered an opportunity to retake the test in three attempts. If the second attempt to graduate as floods, it is in absentia can enroll in the University and pass the exam for the third time in January. However, such a student is not entitled to study for free.. Statistics show that students who received a passing score from the second and third attempts had accumulated 30 thousand,' - said Alimkulov.

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