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Private initiative: how a top school supports talented children in times of crisis

Private initiative: how a top school supports talented children in times of crisis

More than 15 million tenge is donated by the NGSolutions management company to pupils of grades 9 and 11 to study at one of the best schools in Kazakhstan.

At this point in time, the educational systems of different countries of the world are suffering greatly from the forced distance education, but at the same time, private schools, which have a much larger amount of resources, are confidently working on their adaptation to the current realities and a new format of education. They are rapidly changing to meet the necessary requirements of society in order to retain their customers and continue their existence.

The apparent crisis in various areas of the economy of Kazakhstan has demonstrated to the public a great need for professionals and scientific discoveries, as well as in high-tech industries, of which there are not so many in the Republic. At the moment, the value of intellectual capital is growing very strongly, and more and more people are thinking about the effectiveness of distance education, mainly parents of children who undergo this distance education in the Republic.

But what are the opportunities for a child from the average family to acquire skills that meet current social and economic needs?

According to the Kaznet profile sites, the total cost of the required complex of private services of experienced tutors varies from 140 to 280 thousand tenge per month with an additional 10 hours per week, this is all taking into account only one child.

For most of the families of Kazakhstanis, neither private schools, nor alternative complexes of tutoring are now possible and affordable. This is due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has hit absolutely all sectors of the economy and most people are still on vacations without pay, or work for cut wages.

Studying such cases that are collected by specialized institutions, the management company of the private school NGS this year proposed its own initiative in support of gifted schoolchildren - grants worth 15 million tenge.

You can read a little more about the situation with private schools in the Republic at this link.

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