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Will there be private schools 1 September?

Will there be private schools 1 September?
Private school owners are afraid that in case of preservation of distance learning, they will suffer huge losses due to the fact that distance learning will stop paying for the education of children in their schools. In this case, if the losses are too great, many private schools can be closed causing a huge number of teachers will be without work.

After the last meeting , Vice Minister of science and education Sholpan Karinova briefly reported that since the beginning of this school year, schools implemented distance education from 1 to 11 classes. In normal mode it can only run small schools in remote rural areas – from 3 to 15 children, with the observance of strict sanitary measures.

A big group of private schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to them, studied the experience of European countries and developed its own algorithm for teaching children in the regular mode. Based on this algorithm, the schedule at private schools will be designed to minimize the number of children in the offices.

Also, private schools are ready to organize the layout of the school so that students could observe the social distance of 1-2 meters laid. This algorithm will be organized separate entrances and exits, and introduced special measures to clean the rooms several times a day.

The main argument for such actions is that many private schools will simply shut down, unable to distance education. There will a huge outflow of personnel of such schools and after the pandemic coronavirus, such schools are unlikely to open in the same amount.

While Sholpan Karinova has not given the exact answer to the requests of owners of private schools, but promised to bring the matter to the next meeting.

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