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Kindergartens will compete with Netflix, Tik Tok, Instagram

Kindergartens will compete with Netflix, Tik Tok, Instagram

Due to the transition to a digital society that has been accelerated by the pandemic, COVID-19 is changing the approach to preschool education. Experts from various companies predict that "kindergartens online"will soon develop. Developers in the world are already working on platforms for such kindergartens. In Kazakhstan, it is also impossible to ignore the new trend, as soon preschool teachers will have to compete with global IT platforms for children's attention. This was stated by the General Director of BTS Education LLP, national coordinator of the Atlas of new professions of Kazakhstan project Sayasat Nurbek during the discussion within the framework of the project "Industry managers" of the Academy of Elbasy Foundation.

"The teacher will not compete with other teachers, but with the huge industries – Netflix, with TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, with social networks, with the best writers, animators, cartoonists, with experts in special effects. Imagine an ideal situation – we have equipped a workplace, connected the most powerful laptop, allocated a room, and put a child in it. In front of the child is a robot block, a huge world of games and applications, huge industries, and they compete with a poor district or city teacher with minimal skills in creating interactive content. Surprisingly terrible competition for the child's attention begins. Our teachers are not ready for this competition," says Sayasat Nurbek.

At the moment, it is already worth starting to introduce special pedagogical content design in the sphere of preschool education. Even now, the academic content of training is taught in a distance format, but it can and should be completely different. In order to involve children in the learning process, you will need interactivity and gamification of distance learning. There are almost no specialists who can work in this field in Kazakhstan, as noted by Sayasat Nurbek.

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