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Director of Nazarbayev Intellectual school

Director of Nazarbayev Intellectual school

In the city Nur-Sultan AOB 'Nazarbayev Intellectual schools' got a new leader and Chairman of the Board Svetlana Ispusinova, now they will lead this educational institution. In 2009 Svetlana worked as the Director of the Department of human resource development, then managing Director and Deputy CEO. That indicates its quality education and patience.

All activities Svetlana was dedicated to the development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1978 he obtained a diploma in Guryev Pedagogical Institute and had the specialty 'teacher of history and social science'. The first experience was just a teacher of basics of state and law, and then Director of schools in the city of Atyrau and Taraz.

Has the honorary badge 'excellent worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan' and many different medals that allow you to call it a truly multifaceted man. Earlier this position was held Kulyash Shamshidinova, but she was appointed Minister of education and science.


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