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How schoolchildren will study online in Almaty

How schoolchildren will study online in Almaty

Lyazzat Zhylkybaeva, who is the head of the education department of the city of Almaty, spoke about how the distance learning process will be built this year.

On August 14, an online meeting of the public council on the preparation of educational school organizations in Almaty through Zoom was held. On it Lyazzat Zhylkybaeva was asked how the curriculum would be built and whether the children would sit at the computer for all five lessons.

Lyazzat Zhylkybayeva said that a new platform has been developed specifically for online learning in Almaty, which should be ideal for its goals.

Most of the time, the kids won't sit at the computer in class, she said. The school program this year is divided in time so that it is as convenient as possible for the distance form and does not burden the eyes of children.

Lyazzat Zhylkybaeva also noted that all teachers are now reworking their lesson plans and presentations for lessons specifically for the distance learning format. Many lessons will take less than 45 minutes. The rest of the time the child will pass test tasks and study useful material given by the teacher.

On TV, on the "Almaty" TV channel, there will be lessons specially filmed for pupils of the 9th and 11th grades, and on the Khabar TV channel the rest, filmed for the junior and middle levels of schools, will be broadcasted.

Also, she announced that the lessons on TV will be additional education, and not basic, as some previously assumed.

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