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Kazakh students can not return from vacation to Russian universities

Kazakh students can not return from vacation to Russian universities

Kazakh students who are studying in Russia and were at home during the summer holidays cannot return to their studies. The border of Kazakhstan is still locked for them.

According to the latest data, there are at least several thousand such students, because last year 74 thousand Kazakhstanis studied at universities in the Russian Federation. According to the information posted on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation, the issue of allowing Kazakh students to enter the country safely and without problems to study is currently being actively resolved.

Many students of Kazakhstan who were trained in Russia complain about distance education and are afraid that they will have to spend this year also on ditsantionka. Many of them say that it is easier for them to learn the submitted material in the classroom with a teacher. There are a number of specialties that are simply required to be trained in a non-distance format. For example, doctors and musicians. Some should take a certain practice next to the teacher, and others should play musical instruments in the classroom, so that both of them can be corrected by the teacher.

By the way, the teachers of Russian universities themselves are quite skeptical about the distance learning format, as evidenced by a survey conducted by the Ministry of education of Russia. 67% of respondents do not consider this form of education acceptable for getting an education properly.

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