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UNT scored no points

UNT scored no points
Shameful and disgraceful for such students who are renting such an important exam like UNT are unable to answer a single question correctly. This year that student was a girl from school Families.
'Indicate that many of the guys taking the exam on the knowledge of the 11 classes did absolutely nothing, they just sat and waited. Waited for reinforcements from the parents and probably teachers, but it never came. Probably because the building are jammers mobile signal. Otherwise how can you call this mess? - said Natalia Fesenko.
Every year graduates are warned not to rely on notes, phones, parents and cell phones. Do not try to buy the test results. All this only prevents you to pass the exam correctly.
Kazakhstan on the threshold of the UNT overcame 85% of the graduates. The average score in the Republic – 83. In 2017, it was at the level of 80.5.
Also in the same city failed to score the passing score is 182 people, but they have the right to resit in August, however, will not be able to enroll in free training(grant). If any of them will pass the UNT from the second and third attempts, they can still obtain vocational education middle level colleges in the needed specialties of a technical profile and business.
By results of three stages of UNT students in Semey 2018 amounted to 84.7. The best score of the exam is 136 points.

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