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Unexpected benefits of shadow education revealed by Professor NU

Unexpected benefits of shadow education revealed by Professor NU

A Professor working at the Nazarbayev University conducted the first study in the Republic, which was based on the opinion of children about shadow education in schools. It revealed not only the already known and familiar negative aspects, but also positive ones that no one had previously paid attention to.

ANAS Hajar conducted a study among 30 sixth-grade students in Kazakhstan. Over the past year, students have shared with him their opinions and experiences about private tutoring in the country. Previously, only high school students participated in such studies, so this study is, in fact, unique.

The term "shadow education" refers to an informal component of the educational process, the most common manifestation of which is private tutoring.

The scientist explained that he chose sixth-grade students for a reason. At this age, students in Kazakhstan decide to enroll in educational institutions such as the Nazarbayev intellectual schools, the Republican school of physics and mathematics, or the Nur-Orda school-Lyceum, which require thorough preparation for admission. At the same time, the study followed the principles of the UN conventions on the rights of the child, which consider young children to be able to take responsibility and actively participate in the research process.

In a research paper on shadow education, Professor Hajar sought answers to the question of how selected sixth-grade students assess the impact of private Tutors on academic performance.

Based on the study, Professor Hajar recommended that the country's government and relevant authorities develop a state program that provides private tutoring to students from low-income families.

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