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you can be Taught not the full 4 years

you can be Taught not the full 4 years
At the moment there is a privilege, with the help of the students of Kazakhstan to study all four years. This law will become effective after its approval in a few days.
At a meeting on the development of interactive education, the Minister of science and education Yerlan Sagadiyev said that students in the future can learn all 4 years.
'We hope that the law about academic freedom will bring many benefits. He has already passed the lower chamber and is now being considered in the Senate. Many countries have already prescribed a specific provision in the Constitution, and we have decided to follow this example - we will give universities the freedom to give those or other educational programs, those that they consider most useful and relevant. To regulate the quality of teaching' - said Sagadiyev
He noted that the updated law stipulates several important changes. First: Kazakhstan students no longer will need to study for four years.
'In order to graduate from high school early students will need to score a certain number of credits. That is, if for example, he studied in the summer or intensive program, it can finish University in 2.5 years, and 3. Another thing, if the student is appeared and the baby (and he is forced to miss classes. – Ed.) this period may be eight years. We are moving from the system 'for years' to system 'volume credits' accumulated knowledge. It is an international system, all about it know. In the future we will integrate courses that kids take in College to their second time didn't need to work at the University. And it's possible to implement this system in schools' – said on the sidelines of the meeting Yerlan Sagadiyev.
Second change: students will be able to study in a foreign system, that is, they can be, for example, an economist and journalist at the same time.
A separate part of speech the head of the Ministry of education paid to the teaching of journalism.
'I agree that journalism does not need to study for four years. It's more a craft. Journalist it's important to be first and foremost a specialist in the area about which he writes. If he broadcasts about medicine, it needs to be (a little bit. – Ed.) doctor if about the economy – a banker, an economist. It is much harder to teach a journalist the economy than economist journalism. In addition, it is important to pay attention to ethics', was the opinion of the Minister of education.
Media education is an important direction in modern education, showing the process of personality development through mass communication. Media education has several objectives: to prepare students for life in the modern information space, the formation of a culture of communication with media, development of creative, communicative skills, critical thinking, learning various forms of self-expression with the help of megatechnika.

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