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to Build new schools coming in the near future

to Build new schools coming in the near future
In the near future schools of the capital will be replenished with another 120 thousand new students. This was stated at the meeting of the teaching staff.

'Many large cities of Kazakhstan have an average of 1,000 students in the capital this figure is 1500 the school. In the next five years, we prognozirueim and the expected increase in the number of students is approximately 120 thousand people - said asset Issekeshev.
He said that from 2011 to 2017, the number of children in schools increased two times and reached 140 thousand. For 2018, the figure increased by 15 thousand.
'A permanent increase in the number of students has been a cornerstone of the President's order in the framework of the development of the capital,according to which by 2022 will be built 24 schools and 10 additions.' - said the akim
Already this year, have been commissioned 5 new schools and the next school year will be ready for another 11 buildings.
'Construction of buildings will reduce the number of schools with three shifts of up to 5. We also hope that this problem will be resolved by 2019, fully. Over the next five years we will be able to provide a number of places, which was organized in the capital over the last 20. Soon the same will be covered by more than 50 thousand children by building schools, including attracting investors from abroad' - said Issekeshev.

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