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Trial online lessons started for Kostanay schoolchildren

Trial online lessons started for Kostanay schoolchildren

The school year has not started yet, but school children in Kostanay region are already taking classes. Since yesterday, trial lessons on distance learning have started in this area in order to test the work of the systems that will be used this year. Such trial lessons will last for several more days.

At the same time, the tasks in the lessons will be unusual, as they were before, and more in a playful way, in order to better attract primary school students to the learning process. Distance lessons for both students and teachers have already become commonplace, because the last half of the last school year was held in this mode.

Some changes have been made to many platforms since then. For example, in the platform "Kundelek" made changes on the relationship between students and teacher, and debug it. Many teachers are now learning another platform - "Online Mektep". Only recently, they received passwords and started filling out e-learning plans on this platform.

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