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Five children were obliged to go to the first class

Five children were obliged to go to the first class
In oral children under the age of five years kicked out of kindergarten, explaining that they have all the preschool level.
Parents were sent the regulations, which say that their children are obliged to drop out of kindergarten and go to school. Parents, of course, did not agree that their children must go to school at such a young age.
'My boy's not ready to go to school. Even in the primary grades is very difficult. Son will lag behind in development. I wish to receive good education and went to school as expected - after 2 years.' - Yana said Zhukovskaya.
The Department of education noted that they are acting within the law. Next year the children should go to kindergarten at age six.
'Taking care of your child is one, I'll have to quit your job to drive the girl to school. She's small, the house leave it unattended, not' - said Vera Donskova.
Older people believe that it is not for the child but for the sake of statistics. Thus they improve the figures of enrolment in pre-primary education.
'Kindergarten children are replenished every three years, in five years they are already kicked. But the age of the children does not obey the orders of the Ministry of education' - outraged grandmother of five children.
'In the city's kindergartens 50. Parents of the seven preschool institutions with Russian language of instruction refuse to leave the kindergartens. It is about 150 people. But their children have gone through all the stages of preschool education. Leave them the second year, we can't. They should go in classes of preschool preparation. Now schools are qualified teachers. They have been trained on the updated system of education. In kindergartens there are no experts' – said the head of the education Department of oral Batik Pagina.
In the education Department, said she is ready to provide necessary assistance to parents who find themselves in difficult life situations.
The Ministry of education with the new school year were allowed to recruit the first classes of school children, who are under six years old. Children who were born in September-December to the end of the calendar year achieved a full six years, this year we can go to the first class.

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