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Tokayev signed the law on education: what will change in the life of Kazakhstanis

Tokayev signed the law on education: what will change in the life of Kazakhstanis

The document covers almost all areas of education, in particular the issue of the quality of school textbooks, as well as state certification of kindergartens, schools and universities.

"One of the important norms of the adopted law was the introduction of the institute of state educational order for additional education of children. I will only say that the state order will now be placed in private organizations within the framework of PPP. This will make it possible to gradually solve the issue of employment of children in sections, circles and other development centers without large expenses on the part of the state," commented the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov.

Also, the Minister of Education and Science noted that the long-discussed norm on the return of state certification for educational institutions, such as schools, colleges and kindergartens, has been adopted.

Now, according to the new law, every five years, organizations associated with educational activities will undergo mandatory certification. Certification will include conducting cross-sections of the quality of knowledge of students, surveys of parents and students, as well as all staff of the educational institution. This is necessary to form a complete opinion about the conditions of training and work in an educational institution. Also, considerable attention will be paid to the material and technical equipment of the educational institution.

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