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In the kindergarten of the city of Astana there was a beating of a child

In the kindergarten of the city of Astana there was a beating of a child

In the kindergarten №84 has occurred, the beating of children, reported the press service of Astana city.

'The incident occurred a few days ago, the teacher we got fired from article 52, paragraph 14 of the Labour code of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 'the Committing of a worker performing educational complex, immoral act incompatible with the continuation of this work'. In addition to the dismissal of the culprit was issued a reprimand with entering in a private matter, just to make a verbal note' - noted in the Department of education.

A kindergarten №84 this is the first complaint reported in the press center. To eliminate such situations in the future, today there were assembled all the teachers and educators of the kindergarten with them was interviewed about their educational responsibilities and functions.

The Department of education said that the teacher who used force against the children, was appointed relatively recently, in 2018. Informed of such actions it was not observed, have noted in a press-service.

'The teacher was a young staffer. It is the second education teacher. Previously, she worked as a nurse, just this week, she was transferred teacher, the probationary period 'she', – concluded the Governor's office.

'The worker was quite young staffer. Has two higher educations. To the kindergarten worked as a nanny, just last week she was determined to educators, however, the trial period has not passed it' - has concluded the Governor's office.

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