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In the new academic year, the transition to the updated content of secondary education will be completed in East Kazakhstan region

In the new academic year, the transition to the updated content of secondary education will be completed in East Kazakhstan region

During the meeting of education workers of the East Kazakhstan region, which takes place with the participation of the Governor of the region, it became known that in order to switch to the updated content of secondary education in this area, all the necessary base has been created.

According to the head of the region, Danial Akhmetov, during his speech at the meeting of education workers, the training of 23 thousand teachers was successfully completed, and 1.5 million copies of textbooks compiled under the updated content of education program were purchased. To date, according to the mayor's office, all students of East Kazakhstan region are 100% provided with the necessary textbooks.

This year, the curriculum of the 11th grade will include such disciplines as:" Fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business"," Graphics and design","Initial military-technical training". In grades 9 and 11, final certification will be conducted in a completely new format.

In parallel with the introduction of updated content, much attention is paid to the trilingualism program in the region's schools.

This year, a three-year plan to introduce multilingualism in education came into force. French and German will also be included in the education.

Since the beginning of the implementation of this plan, more than one thousand teachers of the East Kazakhstan region have been trained at the courses. As a result, according to statistics, teachers of East Kazakhstan region have increased the level of proficiency in foreign language teaching methods from 80 to 89 %, while the average quality of students ' knowledge of foreign languages has increased to 35 %. Last year, this figure was 20 %.

Within two years, it is planned to retrain 2,650 teachers using the same system for better teaching of language disciplines.

I would like to note that the students of this region adequately represent East Kazakhstan at prestigious international and national Olympiads. This is proved by the numerous awards of various degrees of value that they win every year at the Olympics in various disciplines. According to official data, in the 2019-2020 academic year, participants of intellectual competitions won 106 medals, including 36 gold, 31 silver, and 39 bronze.

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