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The right investment strategy should be chosen in the field of education

The right investment strategy should be chosen in the field of education

According to a recent report by organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF and the world Bank, children from the poorest countries have dropped out of school for almost 4 months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

This report presented the results of a survey on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in various countries in the field of education. The surveys were conducted in 150 countries between June and October. Financial support for the study was provided by the Global education partner (GPO). The survey was organized by UNESCO.

This study shows that in low-income countries, students have the lowest chance of gaining full access to distance learning at an educational institution. At the same time, the risk of postponing the reopening of all educational institutions in such countries is the greatest.

About 20% of the countries surveyed reported that funds allocated to education during the pandemic have already been reduced or will soon be reduced.

While most countries reported that teachers regularly monitor student performance, a quarter of low-income countries do not fully monitor student performance.

According to UNESCO estimates, the majority of children from low-income countries do not receive a quality education, which can directly affect their future. According to preliminary estimates, a generation of such children will lose about $ 10 trillion in wages, which is 10% of the world's GDP.
UNESCO also notes that before the coronavirus pandemic, about 250 million children around the world did not attend school. Now this figure may increase by about 20-30 million more people.

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