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Do children go back to school?

Do children go back to school?

Vice-Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sholpan Karinova answered this question.

"In fact, the Ministry, as well as our parents and teachers, really wants to resume the normal operation of schools. Therefore, we have proposed several options based on the epidemiological situation. It is different in each region. Therefore, we have proposed to open schools by the decision of local Executive bodies, as well as in coordination with the state sanitary doctors of the respective territories. We believe that this is the most correct approach, since the country is large and the situation is different everywhere, " she said at a briefing in the CCS.

Sholpan Karinova also responded to criticism on social networks. The criticism was about the scandalous case when outsiders connected to the broadcast in Zoom and broadcast videos of prohibited content on it. According to the Vice-Minister of education, in such cases, the teacher needs to close the entrance to the broadcast by the link and put a password on it, and students do not need to distribute these passwords among their friends and acquaintances.

Separately, questions were asked about the money that was allocated a little earlier for special information systems of education of domestic production.
The following figures were announced: starting from 2016, transfers from the national budget in the amount of 27.2 billion tenge were sent to the education system. Among them: 12 billion tenge-for the purchase of 26,317 sets of multimedia equipment for 6,152 schools; 16.5 billion tenge-for providing high-speed Internet to 7160 schools; 4.4 billion tenge-for connecting 7160 schools to digital educational resources. At the same time, in 2017, at the initiative of the Ministry of education and science, Kazakhstan attracted a loan from the world Bank in the amount of 67 million US dollars to Finance the project "Modernization of secondary education".

At the same time, at the moment we have to observe a rather unpleasant picture of how students in slightly remote areas are looking for an Internet connection to pass distance learning.

As for the legislative consolidation of the distance learning format in schools, this initiative was shown by deputies, the bill is in the works, she added at the end of her speech.

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