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Correspondence course abolished on 1 January 2019

Correspondence course abolished on 1 January 2019
To take classes in the universities will now have every day - the correspondence course is fully abolished on 1 January 2019. Students who are already enrolled on the correspondence course will be to finish it, another such opportunity will be provided. The Minister of education and science Erlan Sagadiyev said on the question of the abolition of this form of education portal 'Open dialogue'.
'The media is saturated with information that correspondence courses will be cancelled in Kazakhstan. Specify whether this is reliable information? If this is true, then how much time will need to learn in order to get the second higher education after College? Because face-to-face learning much more by correspondence, many students will pay for full-time education?' asked on the website in an open dialogue.
The head of the Ministry of Education and Science announced that the 4 July 2018 adopted a new law that States that the extension of the powers of the representatives of the University correspondence course will be cancelled. The document has already been published in the system of legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The law envisages a phased expansion of academic and managerial autonomy of higher education institutions based on the experience of the Nazarbayev University.
'In accordance with subsection 14-3 article 5 of the law correspondence course is suspended from 1 January 2019. Accordingly, students who are already studying by correspondence, will have to complete their education. In addition, the law eliminated the timeframe of mastering of educational programs of higher education. Accordingly, the universities will develop flexible and integrated educational programmes based on the results of the study involving completion of undergraduate programs in an accelerated mode', – said in response Yerlan Sagadiyev's meeting.
It is also reported that the law has excluded the norm that regulates the cost of higher education on a paid basis. This is aimed at improving citizens ' access to higher education. The tuition fees for educational programs and the form of the contract for providing educational services approved by a higher educational institution independently, the Minister said.

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