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Complaints of teachers Kondelik were answered

Complaints of teachers Kondelik were answered
'Great word 'communication', even with a negligent parent, but it should be' – addressed Sagadieva teachers.
Teachers of the southern capital turned to Yerlan Sagadiev with such claims because elektronnogo diary system Kondelik they lose communication with parents. This was announced at a public Council of parents and teachers - parents because Kundalika stopped going to school.
'These e-diaries created for convenience, created for teachers and for students. Because the teacher used to call parents to the school via a paper diary, and now another.Even after the introduction of electronic diaries, the number of parents attending meetings increased to four times, it is only in the last 1.5 years to cite figures. If we create a normal boards of Trustees, parents will walk to school. That's what we want. The diary is not some tool that does not communicate with the class teacher and the parent. On the contrary, he previously only suppressed child. Why? Because from the first grade to a student for each action was assessed, I think it's not true linguists, I recently talked to them. Imagine, in two years a child learns to speak, and his every word would be said, 'Sit down two, sit three!' But no, we praise him-praise, and he begins to open up, chattering already to five years, although in fact no rules are not yet know. What was a diary? It worked like this: a rule don't know, get two. And now the new system, the child learns the entire quarter and then compare it not with a kind of diary, and with other children, and he begins to open up and not be afraid of the class' – addressed a long speech Sagadiyev to the teachers.
Moreover, the teachers asked the Minister to withdraw the police from the school of education. It will help to enter new format of work, said the teachers.
Because of the need to fill 'Kundalik' in every office of Astana schools will install computer. In addition, all the schools in the capital will be equipped with wireless Internet.
Homebrew copy of a paper called the Deputy an e-magazine for teachers. Teachers are forced each quarter to upload, print and prosurvival data electronic magazine, said earlier the Deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament Natalia Zhumadildaev

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