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a Review of legal professionals

a Review of legal professionals

It's time to talk about the specialties that are becoming more popular in our time – the specialty of Jurisprudence. Lawyers can earn a lot of money, both in Kazakhstan and in Russia. The specialties of law include: attorney, Prosecutor, social worker, notary, judge. Let's look at each specialty gradually.

Lawyers. Being a lawyer is a very important and responsible work. Duties of specialist – the protection of the rights and representation of interests in court of individuals or businesses in court. This man is an expert in the field of human rights protection, has higher education in the specialty and past training. In Kazakhstan, a representative of the legal profession is eligible to join the bar Association. A group of advocates involves a monthly premium. To join the group, it is important to be not just a graduate but have experience in court. The right to counsel has every citizen of the Republic. Whether client money or not, in the first case, he can pay his lawyer, the second, the court provides free human rights activist. Quite often, lawyers spetsializiruyutsya only the narrow profile because the profession is quite challenging and requires continuous learning of new rights, as the law constantly changes in the penalties for different violations of legal requirements of people and organizations.

Attorney. Being a Prosecutor was the most difficult and dangerous profession. Although the main time they spend on paperwork in his office, but there are cases of leaving them at the place of accident to collect evidence for investigation. The Prosecutor often works as a lawman and investigator rolled into one. His responsibilities is the conduct of the case in court, and he is an opponent of the lawyer, the goal is the presentation of evidence in the prosecution of the defendant. For this purpose it is necessary to look for evidence and clues. This is dangerous work that requires fortitude and integrity.

The judge is the person who decides to sit a man in prison or not, to plant a couple or not, and then decides who gets the assets in a divorce. The judge is inviolable entity that is not accountable to anyone. It is guided only by the laws of the state. This person must have knowledge of all the laws of the state acts and regulations. He must be able to analyze and summarize the evidence, as in the case of wrong decisions the life of the defendant can be simply ruined.

The notary is one of the most important and traditional basis of legal system of the state.

The office of notary protects the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities. the means of such protection is done by notaries and statutory notarial acts on behalf of the state.

The notarial acts prevent legal disputes and bring legal relationships to peaceful and reliable settlement.


A number of rights and action is subject to mandatory notarization. Prudent people turn to a notary even in cases when notarial form according to the law is not required.

In any case undergo a notary can be confident that the notarial act fortify rights and interests, protects from legal risk.

A notarial act is preferable in the following:

a notarized document grants and protects law on behalf of the state;

a notarial act is publicly recognized and has a high probative value; very difficult to challenge the accuracy of the facts set forth in this document, its legal purity and effect;

before the notarial act, the notary explains in detail the rights and obligations of the parties informs about the legal consequences of the transaction;

the notarial deed should fully conform to the legislation; infringement of the rights in the deed is in principle impossible, as first notary ensures the accuracy and legality;

the notary engaged in private practice, assumes full financial liability for a professional error; an additional guarantee here is the obligatory insurance of professional activities.

In General, we can say that the notary engaged in private practice, provides impartial, qualified and full-scale legal assistance, proper execution and securing of rights, legal certainty, evidence, the legal purity of transactions and professional guarantees (the main of which is the full financial responsibility of private notary).

Thus, the rights and interests are protected and legal relationships predictable.

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