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Almaty Management University (ALMA)

227 rozybakieva street, Almaty city.Call Center: 8 (727) 313 30 40E-mail:
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Almaty Management University (ALMA)

Almaty Management University (ALMA)

Almaty Management University is a world-class entrepreneurial University. Almaty Management University operates under the license of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are several schools in AlmaU: The higher school of Business, the Higher School of Public policy and law, the Higher school of Management, the school of engineering management, the school of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well As the faculty of basic training and the center for hospitality. The training is conducted in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, in more than 20 specialties, including: management, Finance, marketing, restaurant and hotel business, regional studies, software engineering, business Analytics and global data, etc. Key values of the University: leadership, freedom, responsibility, partnership for the benefit of society. The development strategy of AlmaU is aimed at establishing the University as a socially responsible organization, and with your help we will achieve this!

AlmaU will become a territory of unlimited opportunities for students, an endless source of inspiration, a working environment for gaining not only professional knowledge, but also emotional development. We take into account the wishes and provide students with opportunities to determine their own learning path, based on the personal and career goals of the student. AlmaU promotes student self-government – a true form of student democracy that allows all students to independently choose issues that are important to the community and implement ways to achieve goals. AlmaU student clubs are the Foundation of student life and self-government, forming groups of students who are involved in society and always want to contribute to the sustainable development of the future. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technologies, we have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently carry out our activities, and teach this to our students. We plan to improve the knowledge management system in other areas of education in order to maximize the efficiency of business processes. Cooperation with many foreign Universities, organizations and associations is the main strategic direction of our international Almaty Management University. Also, the main task of the Department of science and development of AlmaU is to promote research activities and the development of professional and publication activity of students. This approach will increase the quality of educational services for our students. Preparing students for the most successful career and adult conscious life, contributing to the development of our society, business and the state. And we will always value cultural diversity and strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, where each employee and student contributes and succeeds.

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