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Kazakh national Medical University named after Asfendiyarov in Almaty

Almaty, Tole bi str. 94, phone: +7(727)338-70-90, 292-43-00
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Kazakh national Medical University named after Asfendiyarov in Almaty

Kazakh national Medical University named after Asfendiyarov in Almaty

Kazakh national medical University named after Asfendiyarov was founded on July 10, 1930 in accordance with the decision of the SNK of the RSFSR. The first order to admit the first 100 students was issued in 1931. The University was named after its first Director, Sanjar jafarovich Asfendiyarov, who graduated from the military medical Academy in Saint Petersburg in 1912. The teaching staff in 31 years of the 20th century had only 5 teachers, 4 associate professors and 13 assistants.

At that time, there was an acute shortage of children's doctors, this shortage required the opening of a new pediatric faculty in 1938, and the Dean of the new faculty was a graduate of the University in Saratov — A. I. Malinin. This person put a lot of effort into the development of this faculty and went through many trials. In the first years of the war, almost a hundred teachers went to the front, taking with them a little more than two hundred and fifty students. During the war years, approximately 2,000 specialists were trained, 75% of them were sent to the front. We are proud and will always be proud of the graduates of the medical Institute Manshuk Mametova and Vladimirov Ivanilov, who were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. There was a war, there was an expansion of defense enterprises on the territory of Kazakhstan, epidemics began, in this regard, in 1943, the third faculty was opened — sanitary and hygienic. In 1951, the faculty of pharmacy was opened, and 8 years later — the faculty of dentistry. 51 years after the establishment of the Institute, the University was awarded the Order of the red banner of Labor.

Since 2004, admission to the specialty "Management" has begun, by correspondence. Now many famous scientists and teachers of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation work at Asfendiyarov University. KazNMU named after S. A. Asfendiyarov signed agreements on cooperation and exchange of experience with countries of near and far abroad, which allowed students to go to foreign practice, and teachers to take advanced training courses abroad.

The University opened the Museum of history in 2001, and 7 years later it was completely re-equipped and rearranged the exhibits in the new hall on an area of 280 square meters. metres'. The objects of history were placed in 54 new Windows, three on the podium. Two turnstiles appeared as protection. The design of the hall is made according to the most modern requirements. The Museum reflects the stages of development of medicine and the medical heritage of al-Farabi, Kazakh folk medicine and the history of the University. At the moment, the Museum has more than 55 thousand different exhibits. The Museum is popular among students and teachers. The Museum hosts guided tours, which create favorable opportunities for learning facts and concepts. In the Museum, veterans of the second world war meet with students, get acquainted with documentaries about the history of medicine during the war.

Experience shows that the University History Museum provides many opportunities for the development of spirituality and ideological and Patriotic education. About 3,500 students visit the Museum every year. In 2011, delegations and scientists from great Britain, Germany, Korea, Russia, Tajikistan and Moldova visited the Museum.

A year after the Foundation of the Institute, a trade Union was opened, which has been successfully operating to this day. The first Chairman of the expert Committee was Professor of anatomy Isaev Peter Osipovich. During these years, "food Organization" received the status of a legal entity. This "food Organization" is a voluntary, self-governing public organization without distinction of nationality or language. One of the Union's areas is to create favorable working conditions for employees — conducting job certification, drawing up labor standards, determining wage conditions, and much more.

A doctor is a special profession that requires great knowledge, high culture and personal qualities. Everyone who comes in should think about the fact that being a doctor is a huge responsibility that puts people's lives on your shoulders. Our Higher education institution allows us to meet the needs of the population for highly qualified specialists, being an educational institution that is one of the best universities in Kazakhstan.

The Council of Elders of the University is a collegial Advisory body working on a voluntary basis.The Council of Elders of the University is created to consider the most complex issues and controversial situations that arise in the course of the University and its governing bodies, as well as current issues related to the implementation of educational, scientific, clinical and social activities of the University.

The Council of Elders in its activities is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the University Charter, internal organizational and administrative documents of the University and this Regulation.

The tasks of the Council of Elders are:

- development of recommendations and proposals for the implementation of the mission of the University, the implementation of its statutory goals and objectives;

- participation in informing the public about the main activities of the University;

- informing the Rector of the University about the most pressing issues that require the attention of the University and its governing bodies;

- execution of orders of the University rector;

- consideration of proposals, projects, ideas on which the rector of the University wants to know the opinion of the Council of Elders;

- The Council of Elders has the right, on its own initiative, to consider the most important issues of the University's life and make proposals to the University management on them

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