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KIMEP University

Abay Avenue-4 Medeu district, Almaty city.
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KIMEP University

KIMEP University

KIMEP University is a combination of the best academic quality and innovation, thus being one of the leading universities in the CIS countries. The educational institution is aimed at producing highly qualified citizens and improving the quality of life in our country and Central Asia through various methods of teaching, training, public works and promoting knowledge in particularly important areas such as business management and social Sciences. KIMEP University is recognized by the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency as the best University in the field of Humanities and Economics. Therefore, all kinds of financial assistance are available to our students, including high scholarships, discounts, and various part-time assistant positions.

The main mission of KIMEP University is to educate highly qualified citizens and develop a better quality of life in Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and beyond, through high-quality teaching, experienced training, research, social activities and all possible promotion of knowledge and techniques in the field of business and financial administration, social Sciences, languages and other fields. Accessible and honest communication, together with a clean and balanced method of decision – making, is the main part of the main capabilities of KIMEP University, and the daily participation of students, teachers and technical staff, as well as all interested parties in such processes, is the principle of forward-looking University management.

Our University is immensely proud to present the implementation of first-class educational programs. KIMEP University has a high priority in ensuring the well-being and development of students. We have more than 45 student public organizations that offer students the opportunity to choose a range of interests and preferences, as well as collective activities with like-minded people. Unlike many universities, the University gives an independent Association of students the opportunity to participate in decision-making on the professional management of the University. In addition, the educational institution is based on the principles of responsibility, justice and honesty, as well as proper education and mutual trust among students.

Thanks to constantly growing partnerships, the University maintains links with more than 100 educational institutions from Europe, and also always takes part in projects for the mobility of students and teachers, as well as in joint research. We are proud of the highest rate of mobility in the country, and today we host more than 300 international students. KIMEP students are key elements in the University's strategy. Thus, every year the University opens promising programs and updates services for future students. KIMEP also participates in numerous national and international rankings to present research practices, and receives the most prestigious awards for most innovative programs offered by colleges.

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