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Central Asian University

Almaty, Zhandosova str., 60
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Central Asian University

Central Asian University

The Central Asian University was established in 1997 in Almaty. The founder, President and first rector of the University is doctor of philosophical Sciences, Professor Aliyev Zhumatai Aliyev. In the future, J. And Aliyev was invited to the public service in presidential Administration of Kazakhstan, worked as the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan, head of Secretariat of the office of the President, the Deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK. In 2014, the University passed the State certification of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan: all 55 bachelor's degrees, 27 master's degrees and 7 Phd doctoral degrees. The University has achieved a 100% degree in candidates and doctors of science, masters and Phd in the main specialties.

Education at a higher educational institution takes place in the following specialties:

5B070800-oil and Gas business

5B090100 - organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport

5B071200-mechanical engineering

5B071300-Transport, transport equipment and technologies


5B070300-Information systems

5B070400-Computer equipment and software

5B071500-Marine engineering and technology




5B050800-Accounting and audit




5B030300-law Enforcement

5B030200-International law

5B011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages (English)

5B020700-Translation business

5B020200-International relations

5B011700-Kazakh language and literature

5B011500-Fundamentals of law and Economics

5B010200-Pedagogy and methods of primary education

5B010100-Preschool education

5B010300-Pedagogy and psychology

We have an excellent material base and qualified teachers. The educational institution has many classrooms for studying specialties, fully computerized classrooms. We train specialists for small and medium-sized businesses, have a perpetual license and teach students in two languages: Kazakh and Russian.

The main feature of our educational institution is full proximity to practical work. Discounts are provided to applicants who graduated from school at 4 and 5, as well as students who are excellent students at our University.

Upon completion, graduates are awarded a state-issued diploma. Our graduates will always find a good job thanks to only one of our universities, because no other one trains employees in our unique specialties.

To enter an educational institution, you must provide a certificate of passing the UNT and a diploma of completion of eleven classes or a secondary special institution.

Serikkazy Ashimov 31/03/2020

На парковке нету ремонта , как после бомбежки.

Бекзат А. 21/03/2020

очень крутой университет

Жамбыл С. 16/02/2020

Очень крутой университет

Айсултан А. 03/12/2019

Лучший универ преподы тоже лучшие

jan o. 27/07/2019

Внутри здания интерьер ужасный,вс грязное и старое,сотрудники ЦАУ сами не знают чем занимаются

Максим Ф. 24/05/2019

ужасный вуз.

Лидия Р. 18/03/2019

Асфальтовое покрытие перед учереждением мертвое

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