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South Kazakhstan pedagogical University in Shymkent

Shymkent, Tokayev str. 27 "A"(building A) Turkestan ug.
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South Kazakhstan pedagogical University in Shymkent

South Kazakhstan pedagogical University in Shymkent

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the emergence of a new type of higher education institutions. The first non-state educational institutions appeared. For the first time in Kazakhstan, the policy generally accepted around the world has been applied to modern private universities. South Kazakhstan pedagogical University was founded as one of the first in 1992. The school was founded as the Khoja Ahmed Yassavi Institute of Oriental Studies. Kazakhstan was gradually developing, and the country was growing in a timely manner. Education in the country has become a key factor in the development of intellectual potential and the economy.

Improvement did not pass the University, it grew and in 2000 changed its status to the one that is now. From year to year, more and more new teachers appeared at the University, and the number of students in training increased. The founder of the University can be considered Yunusov Bakhtiyar Saidovich, who is both a Professor and an Arabist scholar. The First award our higher education institution received in 2007, it was the order of Socrates. The Socrates international Committee, which is located in England, recognized the merits of our Creator with the "Name in Science" award.

The Board of the University is inherited. Since 2012, the President of SKPU is Yunusov Madiyar Bakhtiyarovich. Specialist in Economics and law. At the moment, the University is a multidisciplinary educational institution of the highest order, providing opportunities for higher and postgraduate education. Training is conducted in 30 bachelor's and 11 master's degrees. The credit system of training has been operating at the University since 2004. The University, based on the development and experience of other educational institutions, has been building new ways of development and training of young people for more than 20 years and is constantly expanding its ties abroad.

The priority in training is to train school teachers, lawyers, economists and programmers of the highest class. The University has all the innovative developments, computer classes, language laboratories, an extensive library that can accommodate 200 people at a time, electronic editions of all the necessary educational materials. Year after year, the University's functions were expanded — another large library was added, as many as 6 buildings were built in the city center, and two sports complexes were built that meet international quality standards. The University consists of honored workers of higher schools, honorary workers of professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and honored athletes of the country.

For the convenience of students, free wireless Internet is installed throughout the school campus, there is a cinema hall, 3 canteens, and 4 medical centers. Students take an active part in international competitions and create various scientific papers.

The University is actively working to find and establish close international relations aimed at providing quality education and integration into the world educational space. The geography of the countries that we have concluded cooperation with is quite extensive: Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, America, England and China. Our students and undergraduates practice in countries near and far abroad.

In addition to the educational process, the University does not forget about rest. We have many youth groups: the Committee on youth Affairs (CYA), student Council and students Alliance of Kazakhstan (ask), "Zhas Otan",the KVN team "Amanat", debate club "Zhas Kazakh" women's Council "Girls keez", student theater "Chatty", dance ensembles "Erkenaz", "tan Sholpan", "Golshiri". In addition to the above, the University has an additional 30 circles on science, sports and creativity.

The presence of professional teachers and the creation of a strong material and technical base allows training personnel who are competitive in the labor market. For more than 20 years of activity, about 22,000 qualified specialists have been released from the University, making a worthy contribution to the development of education, economy, science and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is difficult to find an organization or professional field in the region where our graduates do not work. About 40% of teachers, teachers, organizers and managers of education in the southern region of the Republic are former students of our University. Graduates of the University work in schools of Shymkent and South Kazakhstan region, kindergartens, children's hospitals, PSC, sports schools, Department of tourism and sports, South - Western research Institute of animal husbandry and crop production, state universities and colleges.

Currently, the structure and volume of training at the University meets the needs of the Republic and the region. More than 75 percent of all full-time graduates get a job in their specialty, and 62 percent of part-time students work in the profile.

Our University enjoys a good reputation and wide popularity among the population of the southern region and Kazakhstan.

Awards are the most objective indicator of the broad recognition and success of any institution or enterprise. The great painstaking work carried out by our team for 23 years has been noticed not only in our Republic and in neighboring countries, but also repeatedly appreciated by the wide world scientific community.

Our University has about 100 diplomas, certificates and certificates.

For many years of fruitful scientific and pedagogical work, high professionalism, the University was awarded:

- International award of the order of Socrates for contribution to education.

- Winner Of the international award "Badge of Honor - star of the Commonwealth" in the category "best company in the CIS".

- Diploma of awarding SKPU with the "Gold certificate of quality".

- United Europe international award for outstanding achievements in the development of European integration.

- National certificate "industry LEADER-14" and commemorative wall medal " industry LEADER-14»

In 2015, we received new awards and recognition of the effective work of our team: this is an international certificate "Best University" and a license to use the trademark "Best University" for a period of 5 years from the European Business Assembly, Socrates Committee, (Oxford, UK). President KIBUN recognized as "the Best Manager-employee" and awarded the badge.

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