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Atlantis Children's Center

Makatayev Street-131 k1; Almalinsky district, Almaty city<
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Atlantis Children's Center -

Atlantis Children's Center -

The Atlantis Children's Center will be an individual place for your child to learn. We are actively preparing children who need early education. To correctly remember a lot of information, it is necessary to present knowledge gradually. Our qualified teachers know how to teach children of all ages, and therefore each student gets enough attention during classes. Thanks to an individual approach throughout the course, you will be able to find the optimal pace of training to get all the necessary knowledge. To ensure full-fledged development, we offer a variety of forms of classes, where a variety of techniques and materials are used. As soon as you begin to take the first successful steps in training, our specialists will consolidate your knowledge so that further training becomes easier. We will be able to make your child love learning, and do homework on their own. After a few classes, you will be able to master basic skills that will help with further development. Come to our center and study school subjects with joy. We love to teach children that they can achieve success in everything. You can trust us, because we have Released many children who successfully pass the school program.

our children's center, conducts training in montessori groups, we are engaged in speed reading, mental arithmetic and learning many foreign languages. all these classes will allow you to develop your child in all directions, and give unlimited opportunities in the future. you will be able to learn: english, kazakh, german, french and turkish. already a week of our classes, and your child will be able to distinguish the speech of other languages, and some basic theory. all our training materials are tested for quality standards, and can guarantee you high-quality and up-to-date

knowledge. We also conduct training on weekends, in extended-day groups. While you go about your business, we will monitor your child and check the quality of knowledge. Do not delay learning, because later development is bad for further education - the earlier you start to master the school curriculum, the better and faster you will be able to remember information. We will not allow gaps in knowledge, and therefore we will constantly monitor the results of our work. And in order for him to always stay on top, you need to train every day. It is especially important to perform assigned homework so that the child can rely on their skills. We welcome all children who need high-quality education. Come to us for trial classes, and start your educational journey with pleasure. We look forward to seeing you start learning!

Atlantis Kindergarten is a faithful learning assistant that will teach you to be interested in school knowledge. Your education is under our close control!

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