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Children's Classic center

2nd microdistrict, Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7‒708‒112‒40‒12+7‒708‒151‒40‒51
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Children's Classic center

Children's Classic center

Children's Classic center - your help in child development. Our center is fully equipped for all-round development in any direction. We provide only high-quality and proven material to always get the desired result. You will be able to see the result after a few sessions. We are engaged in early development and preparation for the school year. And we do it perfectly. All our first-graders do well and get new knowledge at school. After all, to do well, you need skills. We will help your child to master only the best qualities: perseverance, hard work, curiosity, independence and concentration. All this will help your child to overcome any difficulties in the future. We will help you realize any desires. We are recruiting in groups of six children, where everyone has an individual approach. Our teachers believe that every child is unique and has many abilities that need to be found and developed. Therefore, the training program is aimed at creativity and implementation of personal qualities. If you don't want to study in a group, we have private classes where all the attention is paid to your child. For the development of physical abilities, we have sports grounds, recreation areas and watching cartoons. In warm and dry weather, we hold outdoor classes to introduce children to the world around them. For security, we have cameras and security, and each group has several adults. This allows you to avoid unpleasant situations, and not leave children without attention. We monitor the entire learning process. Each child will receive attention and knowledge.

We teach children of all ages and create groups based on their skills and level of development. Development while playing, the most effective way to attract children's attention. We give a lot of creative and interesting tasks so that the child can be interested in this direction, and motivation and praise will help to develop it. Our methods and programs are aimed at full and versatile development, so that the child can do everything. If they have problems, we will always help them: find out where and why they have problems, fix them, and prevent them from reappearing. Our center allows you to get such skills as: correct sentence construction, independent reading and writing, proper communication with adults, as well as good behavior in public places. You will be happy with the result when your child will do the work independently, and be more interested in books and creativity. and this is just the beginning, with such skills and knowledge, you will be able to realize any desires and go to any goal without hindrance. We will let you know how your child is doing and spending time, and most importantly-monitor their progress in development.

It is not difficult to give your child basic skills - the main thing is to start practicing, and everything will work out !

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