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Bunny early development center

​Kazybek bi street-139k2; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒705‒554‒00‒73
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Bunny early development center -

Bunny early development center -

The Bunny early learning center is your opportunity to get quality education and life skills in a short time. We welcome every child, so we have an individual approach for all children. Our center offers services: early development for children, dance and other arts training, language school, children's and teen clubs, extended day groups for children and speed reading. We know that deep down, every child is unique and gifted. And our program is aimed at getting and developing these skills – there is nothing better when a child does what they really like. Teachers from our center, as true professionals in their field, will help you decide on the direction and intensity of training. It is important to start active brain activity from an early age, and not stop. The sooner your child learns to interact with the world around them, and correctly perceive the information received, the better he will be able to pass the further school program, and reach heights in his learning. The main key to success is to give the child an interest in development, so that they understand how to easily and quickly learn any activity. And when you successfully pass this stage, your child will be able to do their own work and search for new information. The next level of improvement in mental abilities is the development of speed reading. This process is more complicated, but gives a more serious result for the child. They will be able to memorize a lot of material better and faster, and recite it by heart. With us, you can do everything!

We even teach children foreign languages. After all, this activity will allow the child to realize that the world around the world is diverse and unique. You will definitely be surprised when your child can read and translate any sentence, and most importantly distinguish different languages by ear. Your child's unique abilities can help you learn languages. This is why it is so important to develop the child's Outlook and personality so that they have more opportunities to implement their plans. Finding your passion or hobby is our main task. We organize clubs so that children can show their skills and develop in their own direction. Give your child the opportunity to find their talent, and enjoy its acquisition. For active children, we organize children's and teen clubs where they properly release their accumulated energy. If you wish to continue training during the weekends, we recruited groups of the day. For a few hours, we will monitor the children and test their skills while you are busy with your own business. Security is provided by security guards and numerous cameras. Also, each group is monitored by adults and helps in training. Learn with us!

Give freedom to creative thoughts, and improve the skills of your talent!

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