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Luntik children's club

72 Mametova street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 279-79-09 +7-701-225-53-08
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Luntik children's club

Luntik children's club

Luntik children's club - a center for development and preschool education for children. We prepare your children, teach them, and introduce them to the world around them so that they can do everything in the future. We have groups for all ages and all levels of development. Our club has all the necessary equipment, educational materials and manuals. We believe that every child is unique and capable in everything. That's why we spend more time on creative skills, and we work with each of them individually. We will teach your child all the important and necessary skills: increasing vocabulary, developing speech skills, making sentences correctly, reading books, and expressing emotions and thoughts correctly. For everyone, we have included English language learning in the program, because the earlier you start learning it, the more opportunities you will have in the future. Our program will allow you to master basic knowledge of the language, master auditory and speech skills, vocabulary replenishment and the opportunity to learn grammar. After studying, you will be able to quickly assimilate information, develop mental abilities and successfully master the future school curriculum. If your child already has basic skills, we can change the methodology, improve the level, or take an in-depth study. To make learning fun and interesting, we organize events, contests, and clubs.

We offer all types of creativity: fine arts, sports, modeling, music, poetry, dance and much more. For active children, we have outdoor sports fields, walking paths and stairs in the classrooms. In the classroom, we try to develop leadership skills, communication skills, personal development, and good manners . We pay great attention to the break and lunch, because these are the most important moments in the learning process. Children will be able to rest, relax and refresh themselves in order to continue their studies again and gain even more knowledge. We try to diversify the presentation of information: we show cartoons, include fairy tales and stories, tell each other about our impressions, and hold contests. You will be very happy when you learn how your child remembers words and uses them in a sentence. For you, it is possible to attend classes with your child, monitor them, check the program and adjust the teachers. Our qualified teachers will be happy to accept your wishes, change the training program and help you in a difficult situation. To help you learn the information, we have Tutors who know how to fix this situation. If you have little time and need to follow your child, we offer you a weekend group. You can leave the children for a couple of hours, and we will spend this time usefully. Daily development is the main way to get the desired result. All the knowledge you get now will help you achieve your goal faster in the future.

Our goal is to provide quality education to every child. Our motto: develop and don't stop!

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