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private kindergarten Camomile

Kasteev street-8; Medeu district, Almaty city+7 (727) 291-52-96 +7-701-799-68-49
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private kindergarten Camomile

private kindergarten Camomile

Kindergarten "Camomile" is a small children's town in our building. we recruit groups from all ages, train and develop them as our own. You can go about your business while your children are being trained by the best professionals in our country. We give full development to everyone, and do not leave anyone without attention-games, conversations, learning the school curriculum, watching cartoons, listening to funny and kind songs. We are not only engaged in mental abilities, but also in sports - we have special paths for walking, stairs and outdoor playgrounds. For all-round development, we created different circles to dilute the learning process with creative tasks. We have clubs in various fields: fine arts, language studies, sports clubs, dance, music, poetry, and much more. our kindergarten has a wide variety of programs, activities, educational materials and manuals. And our teachers, who have many years of experience in children's education, successfully prepare children for the first lesson at school. All children who have passed our courses are able to do their own homework, read and write, and Express their thoughts and feelings correctly. And most importantly, they will know other languages. This helps to develop memory and improve the assimilation of new information.

Our entire team contributes to the full development of the child, and introduces him to the world around him. We really love children and try very hard to surprise them, develop their talent and personality - and most importantly, give them a choice. Break and lunch are the most important parts of the learning process. They help you relax, assimilate the material, and learn new things with new energy. For complete safety in the classroom and on the street, we monitor through video cameras and there are always adults who can help. We prepare children for school and for later life. Children gain new knowledge and at the same time develop leadership qualities, independence, friendliness and respect, upbringing and norms of behavior in the classroom. The earlier a child starts learning English, the more opportunities they will get in the future. Your child's success is our reputation! Happy children - happy parents! You will be able to find out the results and progress of your child, which allows you to correct the situation in time. We know that deep down, every child is unique and needs an individual approach. And we do everything possible to make your baby successful in everything. You can choose the method of training, how and where it will be studied. We offer training in groups or individually. You can also choose the level and stage of development to pass the material again,or move on. For your convenience, you can leave your child for a couple of hours at the weekend, go about your business and not worry about supervision. Children's programs, clubs, matinees, events-we make children happy and happy.

We are engaged in full-fledged development, and prepare future students for school!

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