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ACGT: Almaty College of railway transport

Almaty, Dostyk Avenue, 108 8 (778) 110 4466
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College of railway transport in Almaty

College of railway transport in Almaty

Almaty College of railway transport was opened in 2006 and to do it can anyone after nine or eleven classes. The College has a state license and able to train students specializing in the supply, maintenance and repair of vehicles, organization of transportation and control of the railway vehicle, automation and remote control, accounting and auditing.

Experienced and qualified teaching staff — the success of any educational institution. Our teachers have only secondary education majors required for training. Refresher courses are held according to the set standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan on an annual basis.

On an annual basis we hold contests and competitions of nutricology. Winners of Olympiads in different subjects participate in contests at the state level and get good cash and material prizes, celebrating the part of our College.

The mission and purpose of College is to prepare specialists for the implementation of rail transportation, repairs and maintenance of railway vehicles. The advantage of training in our school is that 100% of the necessary knowledge, modern training facilities, a new academic building and a rich student life, including KVN, and dancing clubs and musical instruments.

Studying at our College you will experience yourself as the driver of these trains, to make a long voyage abroad and assist in repairs as needed. To achieve all this you have to just work and diligence. Knowledge in the modern world is the key to a successful life in the future.

All the necessary documents for admission to our school you can find on our website or by phone numbers listed in a special column. And come on tour address: Almaty, Dostyk Avenue, 87.

Ruslan Davutov 12/02/2020

Я здесь обучаюсь мне все нравиться

Teya 25/01/2020

почти всем на тебя все равно, хотя есть исключения в виду очень хороших и приятных учитилей (пусть их и немного)


Цатэк сила, акжт могила

Tahir M. 18/10/2019

Сделайте ремонт в туалете.

Марина Барышкова 26/09/2019


Евгений Елфимов 08/04/2019

это просто лучший IT-колледж в Алматы

Науменко Виталий 09/03/2019

Один из лучших колледжей города

VeXter 25/10/2018

Отличный колледж, хорошие преподы

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