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Almaty state College of service and technologies

Almaty, Satpaev street, 86 +7 (727) 392 37 42
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IXIT: Almaty state College of service and technologies

IXIT: Almaty state College of service and technologies

Almaty state College of service and technologies is a four-story building with one hundred and ten rooms, including 7 conference rooms, a large dining room, 4 computer labs. The rest of the audience is equipped with the latest — there are interactive boards, modern desks, plastic on, ncna and more.

Our College is preparing high-class specialists in the field of computing and software, organization of service hotel industry, tourism, accounting and audit, garment manufacturing, Barber.

Private Barber for practice will enable students to master difficult work such as cutting, styling, coloring, chemicals on their own classmates and teachers. A sports hall half the size of a football field will turn around at personal training sessions or during physical training, and modern equipment will never give you to lose form.

The Assembly hall has a stage and podium where our students organize a fashion show of clothes of their own making, all happening quite vividly, the winners are awarded with diplomas and small prizes.

Own sewing shop equipped with a variety of sewing machines occupies one wing of the first floor, there are tables for casual and all the necessary accessories for Ironing and finishing of ready-made costumes.

The Cabinet of drawing and arts are equipped with easels (stand which is a painting), objects of still life, an interactive whiteboard and a blackboard for drawings.

In the leisure of our College is part of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful, a flash mob, dancing, fashion shows, shopping clubs and more. By enrolling in our College, you will be a highly qualified specialist with the state diploma, capable to give quality service to any person, provide services, sewing, haircuts, and more.

Waiting for you at the address: Almaty city, Satpaev street, 86.

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Түсініксіз колледж оқып жатқан студенттен пенисонный очисление талап етеді ол болмаса диплом берілмейді екен. Жұмыс жасап жүргенде пенсионный түсуге болмайды деп еді енді мынау шығарып отқандары. Оқу орнының талаптары сағат емес секунд сайын өзгереме түсіне алмадым

Лариса Н. 05/02/2021

Место, где обучают самых лучших специалистов!

Нуржан Тулебеков 11/05/2020

Хороший колледж

Наурызбек Х. 17/04/2020

Сам в данный момент там обучаюсь, сегодня явлюсь третье курсником по Вычислительным техникам и программным обеспечением.

Ермек Иемберген 29/02/2020

Парковочная стоянка для автомашин маленькая

Мико Естаев 20/02/2020

Хорошие учителя

Глеб В. 11/02/2020

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