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College of energy and communications at AUE in Almaty

Baitursynov street -124; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7 (727) 323 11 75
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College of energy and communications at AUE in Almaty

College of energy and communications at AUE in Almaty

A strong teaching staff and reasonable prices for a high level of knowledge-all this is about the College of energy and communications. Our College was established at the University of energy and communications, which allows us to provide a permanent graduation of middle and upper class specialists. The laboratory base of the University helps to conduct classes at the highest level, and raise the educational process to a new level. For the best quality of student life, the College has a sports hall, library and a full-fledged dormitory. The educational process uses classrooms with the necessary equipment: classrooms, computer classes, laboratories for research, radio installation equipment, regional academies and educational circles. For full communication between the College, a student service center is open.

When adulthood comes, an equally adult decision is required of you. The choice of your future profession depends on your desires and Hobbies. If you know what you want, we will help you reach the heights, you can not decide, we will direct you to the true path. Our goal is to provide all students with high-quality knowledge so that in the future they will get their dream job, achieve their goals and climb the career ladder. Our College provides such an opportunity-a qualification in the specialty, the opportunity to reduce tuition when entering our University after Graduation. and continue studying the chosen specialty to get a higher education. The teaching staff is made up of the best candidates of science and doctors, which gives graduates an advantage in obtaining professional skills and guarantees their demand in the labor market. The benefits of graduating from our University are immediately visible - our diploma opens the door to prestigious jobs. And you will be able to choose the best option for the further development of your business life.

Thanks to our active team, we have become the most recognizable University in the country, because our students take part in scientific Olympiads and competitions. The staff of the AUES College is proud of its students who create projects with their own hands. So, one of our students created a working Tesla coil, which is now used as a training material. We are also proud that we were able to reach the final of the robotics championship and participate in the Digital Kazakhstan program. To achieve our goals, we contact the enterprises of our country and conclude agreements on joint research work, give them the opportunity to pass industrial and pre-graduate practice in these enterprises, and help them climb the career ladder. Thanks to our University, we create a competitive market of qualified specialists who help develop the country's economy.

Нурбек 24/08/2022

Колледж қызметі өте төмен. Грантқа түсе алмаған балаларды ақылы бөлімге тапсыруға үгіттеп, базалық дерекқор тізімінен алып тастамай сандалтады. Басқа колледжге түсе алмайтындығын айтып өз колледждерінің оқушылар санын толықтыру жоспарын орындау үшін, грантқа түсе алмаған балалардың құжаттарын қайтармауға тырысады. Қазақ топтарына ешқандай грант бөлінбеген. Қызметкерлері қазақ тілінде сөйлеп жауап бере алмайды.

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