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Almaty architectural-construction College

Almaty, Ryskulbekov street, 28 +7 (727) 277-53-93, 277-56-76&l
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Almaty architectural-construction College

Almaty architectural-construction College

In 2000 at the Academy of architecture and construction were opened three colleges of design and architecture, construction and environment and economic colleges. In 2002, they were United in the same College and were called 'Kazakh head architectural-construction College.'

Now the College provides training in three specialties: Architecture, design and construction.

Architecture is the art and science of allowing one to aesthetically build modern engineering buildings allowing you to stay comfortable all located in the building. The subject of study is urban planning.

Design is the art of interior painting, allowing you to create extraordinarily beautiful views in the design of buildings, portraits and landscapes. Training takes place in parallel with the architecture — you can learn how to design buildings, draw, advertising, portraits and landscapes.

Construction is the erection of buildings and structures. The process of building captures the organizational, design and other works associated with the creation or re object. The result of the construction is completed the building.

Of course, College is not only learning. Every year we hold various events, whether it be dancing, meeting and celebrations at the highest level. For example, 'the Holiday with tears on eyes' is a celebration of the victory day, meeting with veterans and hearing their stories about what was actually. 'Waltz of Spring' - this event is held under the guidance of the Association of Almaty Colleges, and, thanks to the hard work of our students take prize places. This year first prize in the international competition was the first-year students Michael and Alexander.

We have our own sports club, which was founded in 2001 and still operates. In the framework of the health programme, we have sections of football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, athletics and chess. Participation in a sports club is completely free to sign up can be anyone.

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