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College of Transport and Communications in Astana

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College of Transport and Communications in Astana

College of Transport and Communications in Astana

For the first time in may 1945, a message was published about admission to the new railway technical school in two specialties. The first edition, held in 1949, consisted of 105 people. After the second issue was the reorganization of educational institutions, reconstruction and was built on the third floor. From year to year, one new specialty was added, due to the demand in the labor market of the Soviet Union. Today, the College has a modern material and technical base, consisting of thirteen computer rooms, several laboratories, a language room, sports, reading, Assembly halls, has its own website, a large library.

In 2008, on the basis of the College, the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan created an educational Association for five specialties. Admission to the College implies the results of the KTA and UNT exams with at least 30 points in the subjects of mathematics, history of Kazakhstan and Kazakh (Russian). More than 75 years of the College's existence, more than 27 thousand students have been graduated.

Training takes place in the following specialties: "Accounting and audit", "energy Supply", "Energy management", "Technical running of lifting, building and road machines", "Electronics and communication", "Optical and electronic equipment", "Organization of transportations and traffic control on transport", "Organization of transportations and traffic control on railway transport, Construction of roads and airfields»

Upon completion, graduates are awarded a state-issued diploma. You will be able to continue your studies in higher educational institutions of our country and abroad. Our graduates will always find a good place to work thanks to only one of our colleges, because no other one trains employees in our unique specialties.

For admission to an educational institution, you must pass the KTA exams on a General basis. for admission after the eleventh grade, a certificate of passing the UNT is not required.

We are waiting for you and your documents in our highly qualified educational institution and hope that studying at our College will bring you the necessary knowledge and help you in your future life.

Нурлан Сулейманов 04/04/2020

Хороший коллектив профессионалов,достойная материальная база для обучения по предлагаемым специальностям,богатая и интересная история данного учебного заведения.

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