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Aksu College. J. Musa Aksu

Aksu, Astana str 1  
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Colleges - Aksu College. J. Musa Aksu

Colleges - Aksu College. J. Musa Aksu

College of Zhayau Musa in the town of Aksu is a unique multidisciplinary College, which is in Pavlodar oblast, at the intersection of casino and the streets of Astana.

The uniqueness of our College is that it combines four independent academic institutions: cultural enlightenment, founded in 1966, the College of physical education, founded in 1969, College of power engineering, founded in 1985. And in 2013, the College of Zhayau Musa widened due to merger with Aksuiskiy College No. 3.

Currently the College employs only highly qualified professionals, and some of them have the title of 'Honorary teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan'. The College has three educational buildings, seventy-five equipped with the latest technology rooms, Assembly halls with capacity for 300 people, a gym, an exercise room, a tennis court, my hostel for 112 persons, a vast dining room for 250 seats and a huge library of 80,000 books.

The College offers thirteen majors and four years of study on the basis of nine classes or two years and 9 months on the basis of eleven classes.

Payment is possible both in cash and cashless payments. The minimum charge is ninety thousand tenge.

Our students not only learn, but also to lead an active student life — playing in KVN, gather the football team, held shares 'Landscaped city', our students play on stage and form a dance group. Annually beauty pageants and Miss is determined by the College, which subsequently is sent to the 'Miss College of the Country.'

After graduation you receive the diploma of the state sample and can continue training on your profile in public higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Рымкеш И. 15/08/2020

Красиво, чисто, вежливые сотрудники,

Айтжан Абдуов 07/06/2020

Все профессии, успехов учиться

Rage.19 24/12/2019

Я рекомендую (и все)

s031pbm 29/11/2019

Остановка не заасфальтированная

Валерий Ж. 07/10/2019

Отличное учреждение для будущего человека в жизни

Гулия Ж. 13/03/2019

Колледж Жаяу Мусы один из самых лучших учебных центров где высоко квалефецированные преподаватели, выпускники данного колледжа получают отличную подготовку в выбранной специальности, ставлю оценку ОТЛИЧНО ПРЕПОДАВАТЕЛЯМ И РУКОВОДИТЕЛЮ КОЛЛЕДЖА

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