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Music College named after Kurmangazy in Uralsk

Uralsk, A. Kusainova street, 38 +7 (7112) 51-30-60
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Music College named after Kurmangazy in oral and found in the category Colleges on the portal

Music College named after Kurmangazy in oral and found in the category Colleges on the portal

Kurmangazy music College in Uralsk was founded in 1944 by order of the local regional Department of arts. The history of the music school begins with the invitation of outstanding professionals from other cities like Almaty, Moscow, Leningrad, Saratov and other cities. It was these specialists who initiated the development of the school. Today, about 700 students are trained annually under the guidance of 128 teachers.

Training takes place in the following specialties: "Decorative and applied arts and crafts", "Design", "Instrumental performance and musical art", "Singing", "Socio-cultural activities and folk art", "music Theory", "Choral conducting". We have an excellent material base and qualified teachers. The educational institution has many classrooms for studying specialties, fully computerized classrooms. We train specialists for small and medium-sized businesses, have a perpetual license and teach students in two languages: Kazakh and Russian.

The main feature of our educational institution is full proximity to practical work. Discounts are provided to applicants who graduated from school at 4 and 5, as well as students who are excellent students in our College.

Upon completion, graduates are awarded a state-issued diploma. You will be able to continue your studies at higher educational institutions in our country and abroad. Our graduates will always find a good job thanks to only one of our colleges, because no other one trains employees in our unique specialties.

For admission to an educational institution, you must pass the KTA exams on a General basis, for admission after the eleventh grade, a certificate of passing the UNT is not required.

We are waiting for you and your documents in our highly qualified educational institution and hope that studying at our College will bring you the necessary knowledge and help you in your future life.

Ольга Муханова 13/04/2020

Простите, но на колледж не похоже здание. Общага советских времен.

Светлана Д. 18/03/2020

Сделать хороший ремонт не только на первом и втором этажах. Но и 3-5. Построить рядом во дворе хороший концертный зал. Переоборудовать, расширить или арендовать спорт зал. Сделать хорошую комнату отдыха для учителей.

Каиржан Т. 14/03/2020

Самый хороший колледж

Маруа С. 18/02/2020

Очень приятно персонал и приятно было побывать в колледже

Yazha YA 16/02/2020

норм, но с уборной беда

Тайный Покупатель 04/10/2019

Руководство училища захватило и перегородило тротуар, уничтожило клумбы с цветами

Шолпан С. 12/06/2019

Учимся там уже три года. Очень нравится. Преподаватели и кураторы полностью соответствуют всем требованиям. Успехов и процветания, здоровья и благополучия всем.

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