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language center A-Level Educational Center

52b Abay Avenue; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-707-313-74-13 +7 (727) 392-25-95
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language center A-Level Educational Center

language center A-Level Educational Center

Language center A Level Educational Center - an opportunity to gain professional skills and master the language perfectly. Our test will determine your level of practical skills. You can come to a trial session and see our capabilities. After all, we try to use all possible methods to ensure that you achieve the best result. You decide where you want to go, and we will tell you how to do it. We have been preparing for a single test, any entrance exams and international certificates. You will be able to enroll in any educational institution, travel to different countries and live in your own pleasure.

We use only new and foreign materials to immerse ourselves in the educational process. With such books, learning will never be boring! Our teaching staff will help you understand the subtleties of language learning, because they have many hours of practical experience, and all have documents on annual retraining. Thanks to the small number of people in groups, we can offer an individual approach to students. We collect groups based on the age and level of training of each student. If you wish, you can choose an individual lesson, and separate topics for training. Thanks to learning English, you will get such skills as: training memory and attentiveness, new material is learned faster and easier, pronunciation will be like a native speaker, you will be able to watch and understand any foreign film, read foreign literature, support any conversation. We will introduce you to the preparatory tests for different universities, so that you do not experience stress in the future and can successfully pass the admission. You can prepare for the test either with a tutor, or in a group on courses, or you can complete the training yourself. We will prepare all the training material and divide it into several stages to make it easier and faster to learn the information. Your personal skills directly depend on the degree of training and the level of our methods. For everyone who wants, we conduct corporate training, with departure to the office. This way you can improve your skills, increase your language proficiency if your profession requires it, and you can travel without an interpreter. And you have every chance to get into the exchange program, and get training or practice in the best foreign company in any country. Every year, the system and materials for training change, and we monitor this. We provide only the most up-to-date and popular program, so that our services remain in demand in the educational market. Come to our center and test your skills and knowledge of the language to know your gaps and successfully eliminate them. You will be able to improve your final result if you study with us. We will do everything to ensure that your result reaches the maximum mark!

We are guiding you on the right path. Your future is in your hands!

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