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AF Education Language Center

51 Nazarbayev Avenue; Almaly district, Almaty city
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AF Education Language Center -

AF Education Language Center -

AF Education Language Center-will teach you how to properly develop your English and Kazakh language skills. We offer courses based on Oxford and Cambridge methods. You will get the necessary knowledge and skills at an affordable price and without leaving the city. Our center trains children and adults at all levels of study. Thanks to our best specialists, all classes

they are held with an individual approach. To ensure effective training, training takes place in several stages. We pay great attention to each student. You will take final tests every month to improve your score. For children of different ages, there are individual classes to study materials by level. If you are experiencing difficulties or want to move to the next level, our special training sessions will help you. You will receive foreign materials, comprehensive methods - all the opportunities for real training. We offer discounts and bonuses to active students to motivate you to continue your education. Join a simple and easy learning experience, and attend classes with real professionals. We offer you the most affordable prices for high-quality and effective training. Use our capabilities to the maximum advantage. Become a native speaker with us, and apply your unlimited possibilities in any direction!

We are actively preparing students for the international and entrance exams. You will have access to all relevant training materials, so that at the end of the course you can enroll in any educational institution. Our audio and video materials will be able to create the right perception to the languages, and understand the structure. And to make learning even more accessible and easier - we are launching online services for learning English. you will be able to study at home, get your homework digitally, and spend more time studying. We give you a full guarantee that you will learn English perfectly. Also, before you start training, you can take a test on our website to find out the current result. And then, our teachers will understand your knowledge and choose an effective training system. We train everyone from scratch to the end of the study. At each lesson, we pay great attention to practice - conversational circles will make your training complete. Thanks to invited teachers who are native speakers, you can easily teach the correct command. Take an active part in the classes, get rewards and the best knowledge for training. Come and learn how to properly allocate working time. Together, we can achieve results!

The AF Education Language Center helps you use the available information for maximum benefit. Do not wait for a favorable moment, start training with us!

Сабина UwU 07/10/2020

Очень хорошие курсы . Рядом с домом , сама туда хожу . Учат хорошо . Можно ходить в любое удобное время . Правда дорого вато но это стоит таво . На входе есть кофе машина , кофе там по низкой цене и вкусный.

Ербол Карим 04/07/2020

найс центр обучение

Тимур Д. 21/02/2020

Замечательные курсы

Anna L. 06/01/2020

Хорошие преподаватели, уютные аудитории, есть занятия с носителями языка. Один из старейших учебных центров города

Екатерина Т. 13/10/2018

Хорошая школа английского языка. Более 20 лет на рынке услуг. Недавно стали преподавать и казахский язык, а также есть подготовка к школе.

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