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China center language school (laoshi)

15 Nauryzbay Batyr street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 279-33-57 +7-777-245-08-75
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China center language school (laoshi)

China center language school (laoshi)

China center language school (laoshi) is your opportunity to learn Chinese together with native speakers. We conduct classes at all levels of training, and can teach even a child. We have only an up-to-date and popular training program that will help you pass an international certificate. After a few lessons, you will be able to understand the basics of the language. If you plan your training, you will be able to memorize more than a thousand characters, talk to native speakers, and maintain a conversation. And then travel without an interpreter at all. We care about your grades, if you have problems learning, we will always advise and go through the topic again. And if you already have basic knowledge, we can offer individual classes with intensive training, where you will learn everything exactly. We only have foreign materials for training: books, manuals, movies, and audio phrasebooks. For convenience, we have divided the program into several stages, and added verification tests to test the knowledge gained. Our teachers, directly from China, teach writing and reading hieroglyphs. You can not only learn the language, but also change it in practice. Our trial classes will help you determine your level and overall impression of our teachers. Classes are held in groups, three times a week, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

We will teach you to understand Chinese, translate and print characters, and speak like a native speaker. First you go through the basics, grammar of the language; native speakers put pronunciation and spoken

language; auditory skills are also developed by watching movies, broadcasts and audio materials. We prepare children and adults, and we will find

individual approach to everyone. After monthly training, you will be able to fully live in China and study at an educational institution. For a more detailed application of skills, we organize a group of activities to immerse yourself in the study. You decide how and how much to do, and we give you the opportunity to use our opportunities.

For high-quality training, you need to try, because Chinese is very difficult to understand. But if you overcome your fear and go through several classes, you will understand that it is easy and the main thing is to remember the pronunciation. With each new word, you increase your vocabulary. And this is the most important thing in learning any language. Our Chinese language school is a great way to develop your skills with native speakers. We are open to those who can't, but want to start exploring and learn a lot about the country. Come to a practical lesson and learn how to start learning Chinese correctly. You can study it, even at home or on the train - the main thing is to want to. Study according to the current methodology, pass tests and you will see the result in a short time.

Learn the language like a real native speaker. You will realize that it only sounds complicated!

Бота 19/11/2019

хожу на курсы китайского языка. все четко, доступно и понятно.

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