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Italian language center DI PIU

Bogenbay Batyr street-318; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒777‒223‒10‒91; +7‒771‒444‒60‒45
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Italian language center DI PIU -

Italian language center DI PIU -

Italian language entr DI PIU - an opportunity to speak Italian in a month. We provide a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language correctly and effectively. Our center allows you to master the most useful and necessary skills to truly learn the language. Our advantages are a guarantee of learning, because we have native speakers directly from Italy. They will teach you the correct wording, intonation, and accent so that you become a real native speaker yourself. We have a huge, and most importantly, up-to-date basic material that will quickly teach you how to understand the structure of the language. After a month of classes, you will be able to translate any text yourself and pronounce it correctly. Choose a convenient schedule for you, and conquer a new foreign language. We offer different alternatives so that you have more choice and opportunities. Come to us and develop your skills!

For everyone, we have moved our classes to an online format. You can log in to the conference at any time, practice your skills, and ask questions. This makes learning accessible and simplifies the process of conducting classes. Choose the way you like to practice and develop your speech skills in the language. For active students, we create conversation groups and organize events. All this allows you to practice the language more and get new skills. We are ready to offer a comprehensive program that is necessary for passing the exam and studying abroad. Our teachers will help you with any problem and fulfill all your wishes. If you want to improve your skills, become a translator or operator, our training methods will make you masters of your craft. We will teach you all the subtleties of the Italian language and tell you how to Express your thoughts and feelings correctly. Our teachers, who have been teaching for a long time, will be able to teach everyone in a short time. This requires the right approach to learning in order to encourage the desire to learn the language-the distinctive features of our center. Our main goal is to make learning accessible to everyone and facilitate the learning process. It is important to us that you can improve your results every day and get new experience. If you have any problems in the learning process, our teachers will always help you solve them. We will find all your gaps, offer individual training, and prevent them from reappearing. Your training is in our hands. We will do everything to ensure that you succeed and continue at the same pace. Come to us for a trial lesson, and learn how to succeed in learning!

Di PIU center - professional assistance in learning Italian, where you can achieve tremendous success in a short time. We train everyone who wants to develop!

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