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Edaccess International Training Center

Egizbayev Street-7/8; Bostandyk district, Almaty city
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Edaccess International Training Center -

Edaccess International Training Center -

The British accredited training and examination center edaccess invites you to visit the official training school, where everyone is trained at an international level. This is the only center in our country where you can get a foreign education. We offer British secondary education, in the form of further education. Our center is a large examination board, which is accredited by Pearson Edexcel. You will receive education according to the methods and educational materials of the Ministry of Education of the United Kingdom, where children from 10 to 18 years are trained. At the end of our courses, you will be able to pass an international exam and get a British GCSE and A-level certificate in our center. You will have access to all relevant and innovative materials and manuals, teachers from another country and high-quality testing. Our center helps to realize the dream of studying abroad. You will be able to get an education in your city, without breaking away from your main studies and family. You will receive an international certificate from us, and you will be able to enter any foreign educational institutions, without entrance exams. We send students to training, exchange or internship programs. Our training takes place entirely in English, which gives promising opportunities in the future. The training program for a period of two years will allow you to fully master the necessary skills. Study in your city and get an international education. We want to make training available in any city. You just need to sign up for our courses. Join the most sought-after institution that offers incredible opportunities!

Our center is engaged in the preparation of children, where you can choose a variety of directions by level. training is conducted at any time, affecting the basic foundations of theory and practice, for full development. For older children, high school education is provided, with a deepening of the theory. we provide grants and discounts for studying in the best foreign institutions, help with preparation for entrance exams and admission. our individual training will allow you to improve your previous results, improve academic performance and improve the effectiveness of classes. And at the same time, you will be able to study in parallel with the main education. After completing our courses, you will take a written exam in the selected subjects, and receive an international certificate of successful completion. It opens up an incredible variety of opportunities and ways for students to realize any desires. Come to our center and test your knowledge in our classes, and if something goes wrong - we will contact you and help!

Edaccess International Training Center is your easy way to foreign education. Upgrade your knowledge to a new degree, and become an international student!

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