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EDEX training center

Zharokov street-284/1; Bostandyk district, Almaty city
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EDEX training center -

EDEX training center -

The EDEX training center is the best place to learn foreign languages, as well as help with learning. We are happy to offer you high-quality training services for children to improve their academic performance and grades. Our center specializes in learning: English, Kazakh, Russian and Turkish. You will be able to quickly and most importantly correctly master a new language and use it for your own purposes. We are happy to offer you a variety of methods of conducting classes that are aimed at full development. Thanks to our foreign training materials, you can easily understand the structure and subtleties of a foreign language. Our teachers, who have many international certificates, will make your training effective and informative, because you will learn a lot of tricks and rules. To learn English correctly, you need a non-standard approach, where you will understand all the basics. To correctly memorize the basics, you need daily practice, which will help you learn the material faster. Our practice consists of conversational circles where you can apply your knowledge with real native speakers. To determine the result, we offer to pass a test for knowledge of the rules and times. Join our train that runs along the educational path!

Your training will be saved. We know how to help you - you will become an excellent student. Our center trains children and teenagers. Our program will allow your child to learn the basic basics of English, and easily translate complex text. The secret to success is to start training as early as possible. If you learn from an early age, you can achieve tremendous success, and not worry about the school curriculum. Your child will be a great role model. And for those who find school education difficult, we offer comprehensive training. Your knowledge gaps will be fully corrected with the help of our teachers. They will find a suitable training program for you and restore your old interest in learning. We will help you with any problem - our individual training in subjects gives results in a few classes. Only the most active participants achieve their results. Work and daily classes will make you a real excellent student. Our language courses also help adults who have long wanted to learn. Come to us with any level of training, and we assure you that it will be much higher. See for yourself - come to a trial lesson and find out how well we strive to change your education. Join our friendly family and speak several languages. Our doors are open to everyone. Learn new features in other languages!

EDEX training center-foreign languages are available to everyone. Teach yourself and your child new abilities!

Арнур А. 02/04/2020

Я там был, очень хороший учебный центр

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